It’s always refreshing to talk to a beauty who so honestly talks about her Monday to Sunday as if an open book, just waiting for eyes to fall upon the pages. Jenaya very graciously shares her workouts, her diet, her inspiration. She is a woman to love & a name to watch out for … because Jenaya is On The Rise. And you heard it here first ;)

Sexy, strong and sweet … Jenaya, hello & welcome!! This girl has style, this girl has swagger and INC SWIM are all about it. Encapsulating the vibes & the iconic charisma born into the naughty 90’s, Jenaya has gravitated towards the sublime“cool factor” rocked by none other than the Fresh Prince. And my oh my, she nails it.

I grew up watching a heap of early 90s shows which to this day inspire my wardrobe such as The Nanny, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Full House etc... Jenaya Okpalanze on her style.

A Nigerian Australian knockout! Jenaya looking through your Instagram feed what pops out the most is the health of your skin. You radiate! Over your lifetime, who or how have you learnt about skincare & general wellness?

Thank you! During 2018 I was studying beauty therapy and learnt so many beneficial things about our skin and the products best suited for particular skin types. I’m an absolute freak for skin care and try to only stick to natural products

You ooze charm, swagger & style! Who are your style inspirations?

I grew up watching a heap of early 90s shows which to this day inspire my wardrobe such as The Nanny, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Full House etc

When it comes to It's Now Cool, we seek out those who are proud to own their beauty in a way that is totally unafraid of judgement. What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty to me is the things that make us unique. I feel we are all perfectly imperfect and when we love ourselves and all our so-called “imperfections”, it radiates from within. That glow is the optimum of beauty

Ok let's talk, The Body. Ummmm...WOW?! Your figure is out-aaa this world! What are your current go-to workouts?

I have to be honest I don’t work out as much as I should but I do eat fairly clean and try to drink plenty of water. I usually just go for bush walks or go rollerskating haha

Overtime, is there a part of your body that you have had to warm too... but now you absolutely love?

I’ve definitely grown to love so many different parts of my body overtime. One part in particular is my stretch marks. In my early teen years I was quite embarrassed by them but now I absolutely adore my tigger stripes!

You've had a range of epic hairstyles over time. Braids, waves, a sexy longer bob. How do you know when it's time for a change of hair-do?

I love nothing more than changing up my look. I get bored quite easily but I also feel it’s quite seasonal. So when I’m feeling a little meh, i’ll usually change up my hair

Back to the bod, because let's face it - it's a showstopper! Women want to look & feel fit, toned & strong. You encapsulate it all. What types of exercises really drive results with you personally?

I go through waves of motivation but when I do workout its usually poolside with some company about 3-4 days a week. I generally skip and do a heap of floor work mainly focusing on my core. I feel I work best at home with someone close by to push me and make sure I complete what I set out to do

Walk me through your week on a plate if you may? What kinds of meals are always on the weekly rotation?

I’m not really a breakfast person but most mornings i’ll have a banana smoothie with almond milk and a heap of all the good stuff. I’ll then make a salad or go out & buy a sneaky poke bowl. I’ll have a cold pressed juice most days, some snacks and then salmon for dinner with a salad … and probably some of my Nans carrot cake for dessert

Final question regarding your body - when you're having an "off day" (which we all go through!!), how do you push through?

Most of my days are an off day, it’s so easy to compare and get in your head. When this happens it’s often because of scrolling through Instagram, i’ll put my phone away and focus on things that make me happy and feel at my best

Skimming through your Instagram, you have a natural eye colour & design. Where do you seek creative inspo... Designers, people, musicians, friends?

I’m super lucky to be surrounded by some incredibly talented and creative friends. We all bounce off each other and motivate one and other to stay creative and try new things constantly

The modelling industry is a tough one! What would say your unique trait is? How do you think you capture the attention of clients?

Being the mix I am, just being in Australia would definitely have to be my unique trait! Having that melanin popping all year round is a real blessing

And to wrap, what would you say has been your "biggest break" to date. A shoot or a client perhaps that has been quite a defining moment in your epic career?

In July I did my first ever swim camping for the incredible Lahana Swim which without a doubt opened some doors I could only dream of and brought on so many new clients in the swimwear industry