Roberta George....the sweet-natured, golden girl enlightens us with her commitment to self-care, wellness routine, ultimate swimwear picks and goals for the year ahead! She was born in Auckland, New Zealand before moving to The Sunshine State of Australia, Queensland! Scouted at age 12 by top international modelling agency IMG, her love for fashion weeks and the industry guided her to where she is today, killing it in modelling world! With her love for creativity, practise of gratitude and insane beauty this babe is going places! We are proud to welcome her to the It's Now Cool family and cannot wait to see what she does next!

"Never stress about the past because it’s done, don’t stress and think too much in the future either, live in the moment because anything can change in the blink of an eye, everything happens for a reason what is meant for you will find you."

We would love some insight into your modelling journey! When did you become interested in the field and how did you get into the industry?

I got scouted by IMG when I was 12 years old in Brisbane and every couple of months I’d fly over to Sydney with my parents and meet with the agency. Ever since then I couldn’t stop watching fashion weeks, fashion articles, and my passion for the industry grew. I’m am a people person and this industry has given me so many incredible opportunities to travel around Australia and work with so many amazing creatives and clients. I have made so many friends along the way as well!! All of my bookers and agents at IMG I call family! They have helped me grow so much this past year ever since I started full-time modelling. I have been and will continue to be forever grateful for everything I have been blessed with!!!! 

Your modelling portfolio is amazing and diverse! You’re killing it in areas like swim, editorial, makeup and more! What has been your favourite job so far? 

I personally cannot pinpoint a favourite job I have shot as they all have been so versatile and different in so many amazing ways!! I will always enjoy and love swim shoots on location every one has been enlightening and enjoyable!! I’m so grateful that I have had the chance to shoot for make up and editorials! They inspire me so much as they have all been so creative!! Some of my favourite campaigns I have done are Sportsgirl in Melbourne and Glassons in Sydney!

With modelling comes a serious commitment to self care! How do you practice and prioritise self-care into your busy schedule? What are some of your favourite beauty tips? 

I personally believe self-care is so incredibly important!! For myself, having an organised morning and night routine to incorporate in my schedule helps so much! Having long days of shooting with makeup on for over 6 hours it’s crucial I take good care of my skin! I believe investing in a solid moisturiser and clay masks is perfect!! One of my favourite beauty tips is to always keep your face as moisturised and as clean as possible!! And the most important thing: SUNSCREEN!!!!! I never really put any sunscreen on my face until I did my research into how important it is! I now never leave my house without applying my favourite 50+ face sunscreen on from Mecca!!! 

Would you say you have a strict fitness and wellness routine, or prefer to change things up? What do you enjoy most in this area? 

I try and slip in at least one workout a day however I wouldn’t say I have a strict fitness routine! I love working out, having me time and zoning out to my favourite music!! I tend to do weight workouts more than cardio however I change up my workout regime every couple of weeks to keep it interesting and fun!! I think it is important to keep in mind is to listen to your body, eat well, and have a couple rest days!!! 

In any industry, specifically modelling, it is important to focus on both physical and mental wellbeing. Do you have any tips on how to improve your mental wellness or general healthy living? 

In any industry and just in general mental health is so incredibly important!!!! I love doing at least 1 to 2 random things a week whether that’s going to the beach and leaving my phone at home, grabbing a coffee or going on a hike with some friends. I also think it’s so important to take time away from your screen! In a world where technology is constantly surrounding us we tend to forget how much our phones or computers can consume us!! We definitely get carried away and can spend hours scrolling through Instagram or Facebook as soon as we wake up or before bed, we might not feel it in that exact moment however it can definitely be stressful and overtime it can impact your mind and mental health, so I think it’s super important to turn your phone off as I do every couple hours here and there, go for a walk grab a coffee sit by the beach and read a book. Small things like this in the long run can have a great impact on mental health and help you feel much better and grounded. 

You look unbelievable in any swimsuit! Do you have an ultimate swimwear style and fit? What colours and prints do you look for when purchasing swim? 

Swimsuits for me are so fun and I love keeping it interesting and trying out new things so I don’t specifically have a favourite style and fit. With colours and prints I tend to always go for bold solid colours however this always changes from time to time!! 

Today you shot swimwear from our Isla Del Paradiso and SU22 Collections. What was your INC piece from the shoot? 

They were all such stunning pieces!! Personally, my favourites were the bold bright colours, can’t wait to get my hands on them! 

Have you always lived in Western Australia? If not, how do you compare it to previous cities? Where is next on your list?

I haven’t always lived in Western Australia! I grew up in Brisbane and moved to Sydney end of 2020 and I have been in Perth for about five months now! I do miss Sydney so much however I will be back there very soon and cannot wait! The Perth lifestyle is very chill, laidback and calm in comparison to over east, love and adore the beaches here! 

Are you excited for the year ahead? What are some 2022 goals?! 

I absolutely cannot wait for the year ahead. I'm so excited to meet and work with so many new and wonderful people!!! I would love to shoot some more campaigns and editorials this year, also if I have the chance to I would be beyond excited to travel a little bit!! 

What would you tell your 15 year old self?

I’ve always said this to myself and I believe I always will, ‘never stress about the past because it’s done, don’t stress and think too much in the future either, live in the moment because anything can change in the blink of an eye, everything happens for a reason what is meant for you will find you.’ A small personal favourite also is ‘be forever grateful for everything and everyone’.


Last song you played on Spotify?

Don’t know if this is embarrassing or not, not even gonna lie it was ‘you’re welcome’ -Dwayne Johnson, Moana (lol)

Last place you swam?

Cottesloe beach!!

Last amazing meal you ate?

Cooked the best salmon the other night and had choc chip Ice cream afterwards!!!

Last shopping splurge?

Went to a Natalie Rolt sale and absolutely splurrrrged!!!

Last workout?

This morning!!!

Last time you felt or saw love?

Honestly and hour ago!!! My boyfriend got back from a walk and brought me a coffee!! I’m so grateful to be surrounded by family and friends that I adore!! I find love and happiness in such small little things! Makes my heart feel so warm!

Last time you felt super inspired?

Went for an afternoon walk and saw the prettiest sunset!! I had to stop, zone out and watch it! Made me feel so grateful for everything and everyone around me!