Elle is an Influencer in the truest sense of the word, she champions an openness and honesty along side her satirical adventures that makes her all the more engaging (statistically & emotionally) to women around the world.

Paris has couture, NYC can claim street style and London may have cool but nowhere does beach like Bondi. It’s laid back but luxe, it’s understated yet perfectly considered. Elle is the epitome of this vibe. Read our interview with this Bondi babe now about our latest collaboration.


Josie Clough, the visionary Photographer of global regard and Owner/Creative Director of It’s Now Cool along with Elle Ferguson, an Entrepreneur, successful Business Director and Iconic figure in the world wide style set found themselves in a series of conversations around the ideal swimsuit. Their careers and parallelly their personal lives really drove them together to create this collection with the liberation of the female beach experience in mind. They know the feeling of being on the beach just wishing ‘this’ or ‘that’ part of your swimsuit was just a bit more like ‘this’..most suits are designed with a look in mind, they decided to design to a feeling.

The result of the collaboration is a category defying, ground-breaking collection that draws on elements of Shapewear, Active Wear and Swim Design to become Contour Swimwear. Body enhancing pieces designed with the idea that every body is unique and offered in inclusive sizing, with engineered solutions created with pure function in mind. 
A real evolution in swimwear.

This collection was masterminded between you and Josie through the dreaming of an ideal swimsuit..What were the conversations being had between you both in the ideation phase of this collaboration?
Josie and I have been lucky enough to travel the world together shooting amazing swim. However we would always end up in conversations about what the dream swimsuit would look like… What we would change or things how it would feel etc. These conversations always ended with ‘oh if only we had time and weren’t travelling so much…’ Well then lockdown happened and we were given this amazing opportunity to create this DREAM collection. We both live by the beach and we spent A LOT of time just people watching… Bondi beach is literally the best place in the world to see every swimsuit you could imagine… From there we went to the drawing board and started to sketch up our dream collection.

What were the most common gripes in standard swimwear that you heard while in the researching phase, that have been solved with the Contour Swimwear Collection?
I have to say a big part of standard swimwear is the fabric. We have seen amazing suits in terry towelling, cotton, rib… The list goes on but what we couldn’t find were amazing shapes made out of fabric that actually held you in. Think about how amazing you feel in shape wear. You are supported and smoothed out. Nothing cuts in where it shouldn’t and then you put clothes over it and hide how amazing your body looks. Well thats what this collection does, it's made from compression lycra, think active wear and shape wear for swim. This fabric really has to be seen to be believed. Also our shapes are for EVERYONE. Everyone can wear them and feel AMAZING.

When thinking of Elle Ferguson; long blonde hair, long tanned legs, layers of gold jewellery and of course Bondi comes to mind. Bondi is not only your hometown but the glorious backdrop of your instagram account and really is synonymous with you and your style. What do you think it is about Bondi that makes it such a drawcard for the fashion conscious & a real birth place for trends particularly in swimwear?
Bondi is iconic. There really is nowhere in the world quite like it. There is this understated cool vibe that Bondi just has… It's also a lifestyle… You live and breath that Bondi bubble. Also the beach is Bondi so what you do revolves around going to the beach.

Do you ever get spotted or heckled in Bondi while taking insta pics?
ha ha ha yes and I just smile and wave.

You and Josie, both Bondi locals, were in Iso lockdown through the ideation & design of this collection, did it help or hinder the process do you think? Would you have come up with the concept without the forced slow down?
I always like to think of the glass half full and lockdown gave both of this amazing opportunity to create this incredible collection.

Following along your lockdown journey was quite inspiring viewing. From the complete house clean and refresh to beginning a daily exercise routine that you have impressively kept up and even increased to this day. What lessons did you learn through that time of restorative restriction?
Thank you. I really learnt that I am a goal driven human and I honestly never ever give up. Also that the bar I set myself is very high ha ha ha I think thats why this collection so so epic. Josie and I are both overachievers and we want the best of the best.

You have created an incredible career for yourself as a Business Director, Creative Powerhouse, Internationally renowned Influencer and Fashion Collaborator. You’ve developed a wildly successful Self Tanning brand Elle Effect and have really built your own empire in the world of style & beauty. The true beginning origin of the career you now have is in a way through simply sharing. Sharing your views, style and routines through various mediums - mainly blogging & social media.

You have really been at the forefront of the wave of the digital evolution of fashion & beauty media in Australia, did sharing always come naturally to you? When did you realise it was what you would be able to build a career from?
I feel like for me I have always put myself at the front of the pack. Willing to take a chance no matter the result. I have always been extremely outgoing and I know who I am. I have known this from a really young age. Having that confidence allowed me to take risks even if that involved wearing denim shorts to the opera house when everyone else was in gowns. I think my career is still growing and I am extremely proud of what I have created and the community behind me.

The art of sharing is a skill you have an exceptional talent for. It’s 100% absorbing to watch you! Do you feel you share a complete view of yourself or is there a side to you that’s kept reserved for private?
That is very kind of you to say, thank you. I saw a quote the other day that said ‘ I keep the most exciting things off social media…’ it made me think for a minute and then I thought I believe I have a really great balance between what I share and what I don’t… But I also am very aware that my community is why I am here and I am so thankful for them. I just don’t share me rolling out of bed in the morning ha ha ha ha

This collection in particular feels like a real body positive and uplifting message to women. Why is this vision important to you?
YAY! I am so glad you said that because that what Jos and I really wanted to do! The vision is for everyone to feel included, not just women. Everyone deserves to feel good and especially in swim when you can be at your vulnerable. This swimwear makes you feel like you can celebrate who you are.

Body positivity and diverse considerations in fashion and beauty have come such a long way since even 5 years ago let alone when many of us were teenagers. What would you say to a teenage Elle having known what you know today?
I was really lucky to have been raised by such an incredible human as my momma Kim Ferguson. Even teenage Elle with her full mouth of braces on, daddy long legs and was about double the height of everyone else in her year still had the confidence to take on the world. What I would say to her though is ‘the bullies don’t count… You’ll end up being their boss one day.

It seems these days the term influencer is a slightly tarnished title, when in reality it’s an important part of a modern marketing and business landscape. How do you feel about that title and the role of the modern influencer?
I find this funny as when I launch They All Hate Us blogging was a dirty word… You cannot deny the power of the influencer… Call it what you want but the proof is in the numbers. And some of the most power people in the fashion world are influencers 

When you Travel what do you write as your occupation on your customs card?
Oh this is good. I say retailer

Can you tell us your absolute dream day to night (money no object, book that jet plan! Ha) and how you would wear this collection to everything you do in that time?
In a Covid free world id take a private jet with my nearest and dearest to LA… Hit the rose bowl for some epic vintage then to Joshua Tree and Palm Springs and then come back via Hawaii. And id really only need the contour collection and some denim shorts!

Last question, is of course - what we’re all dying to know….fave piece in the collection?
The high waist pant is literally the dream pant. We worked so hard and long on getting that fit PERFECT. The leg whole and placement lengthens and that waist band cinches your waist in and holds you.