It’s Now Cool is so keen for everyone to read meet this treasure & learn about the gal who has been owning the Sydney coastlines wearing our new range. Lemon flavoured Terry Towlin’ never looked so delicious! Take us to that happy place Heidi! We’re all desperate to meet you there.

Bright & sparky and packed full of that Can Do attitude we all love & thrive to exhibit ourselves, Heidi Schmatloch is a ray of beautiful, balmy sunshine. Heidi’s classic beauty & her sophisticated yet refined style is going to see this girl fly through the modelling world, turning heads & dropping jaws. She is poised, honest, humble & might we add, as cute as a button.

"However, the industry has done incredibly well at working its way around the restrictions with FaceTime shoots and online castings, which was strange but a good way to keep doing what I love from the comfort of my home!"

Heidi Schmatloch on modelling through Covid

Thank you so much or sharing your time with INC Heidi! Tell us about yourself ... how did the modelling world find you?

It’s such a pleasure to be a part of this, thank you!!

I’m Heidi, I’m 19 and I have lived on the Northern Beaches of Sydney my whole life. I was scouted by my development manager when I was 14, watching a surf competition at Manly and from there, I was signed with IMG when I was 15. I have loved every moment since and have met some of the most amazing people!!

Over the last year, how have you kept your portfolio growing? With Covid, it's been difficult for the creative industries!

It has been a bit difficult this year with Covid and modelling, especially for castings and shoots. However, the industry has done incredibly well at working its way around the restrictions with FaceTime shoots and online castings, which was strange but a good way to keep doing what I love from the comfort of my home!

You're a natural swimwear model & you make the INC range look absolutely spectacular! Which were your favourite styles from the range?

I have grown up by the beach so I spend a lot of time there and basically live in swimmers in summer. I absolutely love all of the designs and patterns in the INC range!! The Terry Towelling in the yellow was probably my pick, as yellow is my favourite colour, and the fabric is very on trend at the moment.

When you're not in swimwear, what's your day-to-day style? Any brands or local boutiques you're obsessing over?!

I love changing up my style for different occasions, which modelling has taught me a lot about. However, I would consider my day to day style to be very laid back, with lots of linen, simple and most importantly, comfortable pieces. My favourite brands are Assembly Label and Venroy, who have some comfy and stylish linen pieces. When I am going to a casting or going out with friends, my style is more sophisticated.

We always love chatting to our models about how they keep their bodies so beautifully in shape! What does a week in your world involve workout wise?

I try to mix up my workouts throughout the week and incorporate running and weight training as well as reformer pilates and a bit of yoga. I love working out in order to feel good about myself and my mental health, as well as invite the best benefits for my body. I have also learnt that listening to your body is so important … so when I need to take a day off I do!

How about food wise? What are your favourite kind of weekly meals & snacks? Are you well behaved or do you have a naughty (but mandatory!) sweet tooth?

I love eating (and cooking) heathy and nutritional foods that are good for my body, so I would say that I have a very balanced diet. My favourite meals would be a big “everything” salad as I call it, as well as berry smoothies and juices, as I know these will fuel my body. Recently I have been making dinners for my family and my favourites have been cauliflower fried rice or burrito bowls for my family. But I do also always love going out to restaurants and treating myself… especially to a pizza, burger and Gelato Messina’s flavour of the week.

Going back to modelling, who do you look up to? Are there a few models you'd love to meet? Signed with IMG you're surrounded by modelling royalty.

I am so lucky being part of an agency with such successful models. I have always looked up to Winnie Harlow, she has really been amazing at embracing diversity in the modelling community. I was so inspired by her debut at the Victoria Secret show, as it really showed strength and her nature al strength in such famous runway. Being comfortable in yourself to me is the most beautiful attribute someone can have!

If you could ask your modelling heroes anything, what would you want to know about them?

I would love to ask them about the highs, but also the lows of their careers and how they worked through them. I’ve tried to make it, but I would also love to ask Gigi how she perfected her famous pasta!!!

Summer 20/21 is coming up quickly!! What beauty products can you recommend for those looking for a bronzed, natural glow!?

I don't use much make up day-to-day but I do go out though I do love to use products such as Nars foundation for a super natural coverage, yet it gives a really nice glow. I also think that taking care of your skin is as equally as important, so I use the Medik8 face mask a few times a week to keep my face smooth and healthy, as well as making sure I keep hydrated, especially on those hot summer days!

Tan wise ... are you a faux tanner? If so, what do you use?

I love going to the beach in summer whether I am swimming or surfing, but it is also super important to stay sun safe. I try and put sunscreen on my face when I go out. I do love to feel tanned and have a natural glow especially in summer so my go to for a super quick and long lasting (fake) tan is Bondi Sands. It adds a super subtle glow to my skin without the harm of the sun.

Christmas is pretty much around the corner! It's nuts!! What's high on your wish list?!

My absolute favourite time of the year, I’m super excited!!! I’ll be spending Christmas at the beach with my family, so a nice pair of sunglasses would be perfect, and just in time for summer!!!

And in terms of giving, any recommendations for us for the perfect stocking filler?

You have come to the right place for stocking advice! Waking up on Christmas morning and opening my stocking I love getting beauty products such as face masks and lip glosses. I feel like another staple for a stocking are items such as books, socks and something fun. The finishing touch to the perfect stocking would be some chocolate or lollies, my personal favourite is Marvellous Creations ...


3 Instagram accounts you're addicted too?

At the moment I’m addicted to JS health (@jshealth) for the healthy recipes, Hailey Bieber (@haileybieber) because she is gorgeous and of course INC (@itsnowcool) for my fix of bikini inspiration!

The last show you binge watched was?

Mindhunter, a must watch!

Top tracks/artists on Spotify for a solid, sweaty workout?

Tell Me That You Need Me- DJ Jason Medallion Brunch!

What's your current order?

You can never go wrong with avocado on sourdough toast with some feta on top!!

It's been a sad year for magazines with the closure of some iconic Australian titles. If just one of them could resurface, what would be your preference?

I would love for Elle to come back!

In 3 words, how would your bestfriends describe you?

Loyal, fun and laid back

Your New Years resolution for 2021 is ... ?

Minimising the amount of time I spend on my phone and staying of social media. If there is anything that 2020 has taught us, it is to be more appreciate of your family and friends and the time you can spend with them, and not on your phone!

Which 3 skincare products do you think are absolute gamechangers since you've discovered them?!

Medik8 Facemask, Lanolips Lip Balm and Mario Badescu Facial Spray

3 snacks we'd ALWAYS in your fridge or pantry?

Hummus, lightly salted and lightly sweet popcorn and Lindt 70% dark chocolate

If you could wine & dine with any two celebs - who would they be & where would you take them for dinner... or would you cook!?

I would take Lewis Capaldi and Zendeya to either Hugo’s at Manly or sushi train!