All smiles... all the time! Harmony is a brilliant ball of beautiful sunshine! This summer goddess shot with us on the sunny beaches of Bronte in our Summer 2020 collection. To give yourself a smile head on over to Harmony’s insta for some body positive, life affirming, feel-good posts... @harmonyabell.

The blonde bombshell who is taking the modelling world by storm, Harmony A'Bell is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! Having shot for some of Australia's leading designers, Harmony is definitely one to watch! Read up about this Aussie stunner's beauty secrets, life goals and swimwear insights.

“Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured!”

You're a born beach babe & one of the happiest little Vegemite's on the Gram! What fuels your sense of joy?

One of my favourite quotes is: “Cling to joy: audacious & unbridled joy, the kind that looks for light in anything” by Morgan Harper Nichols.

So instead of pointing out flaws and negative things in people, myself & other things, I always try to point out and magnify the beauty and light in everyone & everything. I’d say having a good mindset and practicing gratitude fuels my joy!

The recent It's Now Cool Campaign shoot is unreal! Which were your favourite pieces/sets from the range?

Oh gosh! So hard to choose!! But I think I’d choose the red & white bikini - sports bra looking top & cheeky bottoms.

The night before a swimwear shoot, how do you usually prep?

Is it bad that I don’t prep?! Haha. I didn’t know that was a thing! I just do the same old... chill, dinner, desert, maybe a movie or Netflix and a loooong sleep!

There's a very sweet photo of you & your mum wearing matching Ts, saying "body type: myself" Tell us about your views on the female shape? Looking at your Insty, it's clear you are incredibly passionate about the body positive movement - is there any particular reason?

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured!

When I decided to stop spending so much precious time worrying about how I looked & what others thought of me and put that time & energy into the people and things I love, life became so much more amazing and fun!!

I want other people to feel the freedom that follows deciding to love the skin they’re in and be 100%, unapologetically themselves!!

I believe beauty is not just looks, but something that shines far beyond what eyes can see. Loving and accepting yourself is understanding that we are all so unique and different. Our diverse make-up is actually what makes us beautiful in our own individual way.

It's no secret that you have a smashing bod! What training styles are you into at the moment? Your fitness routine currently looks like...

I love Pilates & I currently go to Peaches Pilates!! They also have an online program that I try and do if I’m travelling :)

Next secret to unveil - those brows & lashes!!! Hints please! How do you achieve this gorgeous look!!

Haha I get my eyebrows from my dad... they are crazy and most of the time have a mind of their own. I have to clip them once a week to tame them ... dad taught me this beauty trick!

Summers just around the corner - style wise which brands/designers are we likely to spot you in?

Seafolly’s summer campaign will be out shortly so I’m excited to see those!

In terms of beauty, if you had to live of 5 products for the whole of summer, what you they be?

Sunscreen, coconut oil, BB cream, & mascara.

You've sat in a few hair & makeup chars in your time! Any major game-changing tips you've picked up?

Less is more !!!!!! I’m not really that into make up, so when I have the chance to have a really natural look it makes me so happy! I think the best thing I’ve learnt is that you really don’t need to wear a lot to accentuate your natural features!!

Right at this moment, what would you say your two biggest life goals are?

1.To have lots of fun

2. I’m working on a body positive curriculum to take into schools, so a big goal is to finish that & start speaking in schools.

In the beauty/fashion/modelling world, which other models do you look up to & admire?

I love Nat Darcas! She seems so cool & down to earth. She’s authentic & herself!

I also love Natalie Roser! She also seems very genuine! She also has an amazing smile and I love smiles.

Both girls show so much of their personality through their photos which I admire!! It shows that beauty is more then skin deep!

Your glowing skin is always on point! For those indulging in a little fake tan for Springtime, any favourite products or application tips?

I use LovingTan!! Their products are actually so great & my skin feels really good after I use it.


Three items we'll always find in your bag?

Phone, wallet & film camera (pretty boring hehe)

Three items we'll always find in your pantry?

Granola, coconut & shortbread biscuits

Your three or so favourite hangouts in the warmer seasons are ... (bars/cafes etc)?

Maroubra beach, Grumpy Baker & North Bondi Fish

When you're in a routine, your go-to breakfast everyday is ...

A hulk smoothie!

Are we more likely to find you at Yoga or F45?


Last min date night & you're in charge of cooking for your man. What's cooking!? Any specialities?

He’s a plain Jane sort of guy so probably just a schnitzel with mash & veggies!

A few Instagram accounts you love to follow?

@morganharpernichols @keepitcleaner @stephclairsmith @mondayswimwear @matildadjerf

The part of yourself you're most proud of?

My tiger marks!!! (Stretch marks hehe)