Growing up with the Victoria Secret shows as her muse, she has successfully created a sensational career for herself & is on a path to great things with New York in her sights. Below is an insight into this beauties skincare hacks, her go-to workouts & nutritional preferences. The sweetness of her character shines through, as does the blissful energy of the delightful Miss Amato.

Spicy, soulful, sincerely sexy! Cassie Amato is like a fine tequila… smooth, spicy with a pinch of zesty brilliance. It’s simple … It’s Now Cool is all about Cassie’s epic vibe!

"That fire is still there, still burning with each year that I get to continue doing this dream job."

Cassie hello & welcome! Thank you so much for sharing your time with us! First of all let's talk about that impeccable skin of yours. Can you share your daily skincare regime ... how do we all get that glow?

Hiii! Thanks for having me xx You are making me blush! The glow I think comes from 3 different things. Two of them I believe working from the inside-out. I am big on hydration at LEAST a litre of water a day & I have a green juice every morning. Lastly, of course my skincare routine. As far as my favourite products, I use an oil free SPF everyday, High levels of Vitamin C serum & botanical oils, multi acid peel pads, retinol and lastly moisturiser. I wash my face morning and night without fail, use face masks & light therapy for breakouts and try and get a facial once a month.

Scrolling through your Instagram, you're the quintessential beach babe! How do you keep that beach body of yours so toned? And on the days you really CBF, how do you motivate yourself?

Thank you so much! Pilates has been my answer to everything for years now lol on an ideal week I will try for 2/3 days of pilates & 2 days personal training (which is more high intensity cardio work). I am so so thankful I have a job that allows/requires me to focus on my workouts as much as I do. Working out has become a 2nd religion for me as I get older. Its been a best friend to my anxiety & really stressful times in my life. When I want to just veg out I always allow that, but nothing feels better than all those happy juices that are released when I workout so that’s really the inspo; the change you feel inside.

Regardless of what you prefer, what kind of workout provides epic results?

It kind of depends on what you are looking for. Pilates really shapes and sculpts the body beautifully. The training sessions I spoke of help get you to or stay at a target weight & I love yoga always for mobility flexibility & mental health.

Let's go back in time. How did you fall into the modelling industry?

Growing up I watched the Victoria Secret Fashion show each year without fail. It was THE biggest event of the year for me. Looking back now, I think that young obsessive passion really lit a fire in me for what was to come. Modelling was larger than life kind of thing for me as a kid, I didn’t know/ I wouldn’t know a career in it was actually tangible until I grew up and really tried & wanted it bad enough. After high school I was accepted to the fashion school I planned to go to & needed a lot of money to pay for it haha So I pursed modelling only for that specific reason. After many no’s that I didn’t accept lol I kept pushing & eventually was given a shot and signed with my first agency. I started working fairly soon after and it turned into a full time job for me. I decided I’d ride the wave as long as I was working consistently. It’s now been 8 years! still blows my mind. That fire is still there, still burning with each year that I get to continue doing this dream job.

Onto nutrition. Do you tend to stick to a particular diet throughout the week? What would be a few common go-to meals & how do you indulge?

My morning routine is always the same regardless of the meal to follow. I always start with my probiotic and a green juice after. It prepares my body for what’s to come throughout the day. Gut health is everything & I always feel good that I started my day this way if I do decide to indulge after. I’ll usually do a salad for lunch with chicken or fish or a healthy bowl, rice, protein, greens. I eat something different every day to be honest, whatever I craving but a version of the same kind of healthier option if that makes sense. To indulge I’ll go for pasta or pizza or Mexican or Thai or Chinese lol I love it all. Oh and of course pancakes or French toast on a weekend morning!!

If there is something the COVID experience has taught you about yourself, what would it be? And how has it challenged you?

I have always been extremely passionate about health, physical & mental. My mom is a nurse & the best caretaker so I know watching that example has shaped a lot of that passion. Covid has allowed me the time to dive even deeper into health and healing & it has required so much of that healing be mental and inward as much as outward I believe. So it shown me/ us I think over and over again that health is wealth & forced all of us to stop completely, slow down really tune in and focus on the things that really matter; bettering ourselves, healing ourselves from diet to exercise to mental health / traumas. This time has asked us to also look at our relationships, jobs, energies that we keep around us & either change fix or grow from them. It’s been A LOT of change but I think in some cases for the better. I have always had faith in our bodies being completely capable of healing itself if we do the right things & this pandemic has grown that faith 10x as much. I hope moving forward we can all stay in a mindset of health and family always being priority.

You have representation all over the world with some incredibly top agencies. Which city feels most like home & where do you want to conquer next?

I love this question because I get to answer AUSTRALIA! I am super lucky to be represented in really amazing places. The experience of moving to Australia & falling so in love with it, it's culture, food, people, jobs, all of it felt like a dream for me. I am very much a family girl, home body so Aus was a big move for me to make, I couldn’t have had a better experience it felt very very much like home & I cannot wait to come back! Next move is New York ! x

When you feel like you need some quality time out, how do you unwind & relax? Or are you more of the go, go go type?

I really really enjoy my alone time. I have always been really sensitive to absorbing others energies & it drains me pretty fast especially in my job. So, I found it necessary to have that me time to fill up again then I spend the rest of the time with my family. That’s my safe haven to unwind and decompress.

For the gals around the world who admire your career & your lifestyle, what is some key advice you've received throughout your lifetime that you continue to live by today?

A daily review was such a beautiful game changer for me. We are seeing now more than ever, we have no idea what tomorrow brings so it is crucial that we are at peace with how we spent today.. Each day is the death of that day, each moment is the death of that moment. So when you do a daily review its about looking at your life that day and making peace with it. Did I accomplish what I wanted to do? Was I kind? Could I have done something differently? Could I have made better choices in the way I ate? In the way I communicated with my loved ones? with myself? Everything is about those relationships.

In regards to my job or for anyone that is constantly meeting new people in their line of work, try your hardest to be easy on others.. to not be judgmental when immediately meeting another. When someone rubs you the wrong way, it isn’t personal even when it feels so. This mentality of empathy and ease has made situations a lot less heavy for me to enter or exit. When we understand that each soul is carrying their demons and struggles that you have zero idea about, I think it makes a person more forgiving, gentle, patient. These are immense powers.

Down in AUS we all love a golden tan, and you Cassie have such a gorgeously bronzed bod. Any products, tips or tricks when it comes to self-tanning?

I give all credit to Australia’s INCREDIBLE tanning salons for that reputation while living there lol! Seriously the best spray tans I’ve ever been given. With all of this free time lately & the weather being really hot in California currently I have been laying out much more for a natural tan. My favourite & really the only tanning oil I use is Bali body! In colder months for work I’ll use Dr Dennis gross tan wipes.


Current Netflix addictions?

This isn’t Netflix But I’ve just started Yellowstone & very excited about that lol

5 items we'd always find in your bag no matter where you're off to?

Eyelash curler, hand sanitizer, gum, perfume, lip balm

If you only have 15 mins & you need a quick yet killer burn, what's the go-to workout?

Melissawoodhealth app has every 15 min burner you could want! she’s the best ever x Highly recommend

Current fav Spotify tracks/playlists to workout to?

I love Latin music, Afro beats, and Chris Brown always lol

The last treat you purchased for yourself?

What comes to mind is an expensive dinner lol HUGE foodie

Online shopping is a very popular form of procrastination at the moment. Your staple stores?

Basics are my go to! So I am mostly on Skims or Joah Brown. Sephora of course & Amazon lol

What is a game-changing beauty tip you've picked up from a makeup artist while on a job?

Honestly I love when a product is used on me that I have never used before from a foundation, highlighter, lip, shadow colour, ect. & being obsessed and needing to buy immediately lol

What's the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up?

I put my contacts in, brush my teeth, then wash my face get my skin care in

How about the last thing you do before going to sleep?

Teeth, Skin care, talk to my mommy usually then bed

When the world opens up again & we're all free to travel - where are you going!?

Oh boy cannot wait to travel for work again! anywhere!!